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Posting an Ad

The quickest way to post an add is to select the ‘post a free ad’ button at the top right of your screen. Select the type of ad you would like to post, either to advertise a room you would like to fill, or advertise yourself as a flatmate looking for a room.

Once you have completed the ad form, submit your ad and once reviewed we will post it live on the website for you.

There’s a few things you can do to give your ad a boost and get more responses, try these tips to get started.

  • Make sure your ad is clear and reads well, and includes lots of clear, bright photos.
  • Make sure your ad is descriptive, interesting and fun!
  • Share your ad link on social media, sites like Facebook, Instagram. You’ll find a ‘Share’ link at the top of the page of your ad.
  • Tell your friends and family about your ad and ask them to share your ad on their social media channels. You can share your page link using the ‘Share’ link at the top of the page of your ad.

When creating an ad, there are some sections where information is required in order save your ad. If you’ve missed a section,  you will see the message displayed Please fill in this fieldas seen here.

Simply go back to this section, complete the required information and save your ad again. 

Once you had found what you’re looking for, you’ll want to remove your ad to prevent further message notifications. To remove your ad, head to My Ads in the account section. You’ll see your as listed here, select delete to remove your ad from the site.

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to pause or unpublish an ad from the site, however this is something we plan to ad in the future.

Our goal at is to feature quality ads from genuine Christians. We moderate all ads submitted to our site for approval, in the interests of safety and security and providing our users with the best experience. 

If you have submitted an ad and it has not yet been approved, it’s likely your ad does not meet our criteria for publishing. This could be for any number of reasons, but we encourage you to ensure your ad contains all the relevant information a potential flatmate may find helpful in choosing where they might want to live.

If you’re advertising a room, remember that potential flatmates will want to see high quality images of all areas of the property. Ads should include enough images and information to give potential flatmates a thorough overview of the whole property. 

Please note, we generally do not respond to messages about ad approvals, please refer to the above. Ad approvals are subject to our discretion, this is to keep our users safe and the quality of ads high. 

Safety Online

Christian Flat Finder takes the safety and security of our users seriously. If an ad or user makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, stop all communication with the user and report them to us immediately. You can report an ad by selecting ‘Report’ at the top of the ad post. You can also contact us via our contact page. Learn more about how to stay safe online here.

NEVER SEND MONEY to someone you haven’t met, and be careful providing your personal details to those you don’t feel comfortable with yet. 

We provide instant messaging on the site, so you don’t need to provide your personal details to contact someone on the site. 

Contact a user by using the ‘Direct Message’ button at the top of their ad post. There’s no need to send someone your phone number or email address, especially when you don’t yet feel comfortable to do so.

It’s common for dishonest people to ask for another method of communication, and then ask for a ‘deposit’ for a property that doesn’t exist. Those with genuine ads will be happy to communicate via the website as long as you prefer. Remember, you should never send money to someone or commit to anything before seeing a property.

Always use common sense and discretion when communicating with others on the site. We moderate ads before they go live, but we are aware that dishonest people attempt to post ads on the website from time to time. If you feel uncomfortable about an ad post, you should report it immediately by selecting the ‘Report’ button at the top of the suspect ad.

Account Registration

If you have attempted to register for a Christian Flat Finder account, but have not received a verification email, first check your junk / spam folder, as sometimes these emails get caught up here.

If you need to reset your password, you can do so here.

If your registration email or password reset email has not arrived after 20 mins, contact us using the form on this page, and we’ll help you get you up and running. 

When you create an account on Christian Flat Finder, you will be asked to verify your email address. If you cannot locate the verification email we sent you, please check your junk / spam mail folder and ensure you entered your email address correctly. You can request a new verification email here.

About Us

We’re a small team of Christians based in London, UK. We wanted to provide a platform for Christians to connect with each other to find a new home or flatmate easily.

Christian Flat Finder is 100% free to use. We are currently self-funded. 

Questions? Contact Us

Please check the FAQ’s first before contacting us as most questions will be answered there. 

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