Christian Flat Finder

Direct Messaging Users

Contact a user by using the ‘Direct Message’ button at the top of their ad post. There’s no need to send someone your phone number or email address, especially when you don’t yet feel comfortable to do so.

It’s common for dishonest people to ask for another method of communication, and then ask for a ‘deposit’ for a property that doesn’t exist. Those with genuine ads will be happy to communicate via the website as long as you prefer.

Remember, you should never send money to someone or commit to anything before seeing a property. Always use common sense and discretion when communicating with others on the site.

We do moderate ads before they go live, but we are aware that dishonest people attempt to post ads on the website from time to time. If you feel uncomfortable about an ad post, you should report it immediately by selecting the ‘Report’ button at the top of the suspect ad.