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4 young professional women living in a beautiful large house made for 5. So far is been all women, but open to both male or female housemates.
We live in a beautiful large home, tucked away in quiet neighbourhood off the main road from Acton Central Station.

Stations and Shops:
8 mins from Acton Central Station, 12 mins from Acton Mainline Station, 20 mins from Acton Town Station. 10 mins. Nearest bus stops are 6-8 min walk.
Very near the cafes, shops & pubs. A 10 min walk from The Gym, just a bit farther to PureGym, Kiss Gym, Everyone Active.

Runs until Sept 2022. Great landlord. The deposit is already covered, so we would take you on your honour for the good treatment of the house.

In our house we are Welsh, Irish, Canadian and a New Zealander. Our other flatmate moved out during Covid. This has been the best place to be during lockdown as we have a front and back garden as well as a functioning balcony. We are a 10 minute walk from Acton Park and 20 minutes from Gunnersbury Park.

We love playing sport in the park. There are lots of great neighbours who are always up for a game or to meet at the pub and love having people over for dinner parties. There is always something to do. We love o play COD and to watch a good film. If you like gardening, we have a massive front garden and lawn that we've only just begun to cultivate.

The Rooms and House:
The 2 rooms are spacious, with lots of natural light.

- Medium Room comes with a built-in shelf, a closet, and a dresser
- Large Room comes with 2 closets, a dresser and a double bed.

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November 12, 2020
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    Kings Cross, TCC, St Helens
  • We are all Christians and each have separate places we go for Sundays. This house was originally started by a local house church network and we are still really connected with them and they are a big part of our friend network in the area. There is a big community emphasis, loving your neighbour, making sure people aren't isolated and banding together.
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Cumberland Park, London W3 6SX

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