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As of December 31st we have a glorious room available in Finsbury Park for £550 plus bills.

Although compact and bijoux, there is fab storage in the room itself, as well as a huge attic to store any extra bits. The landlord is super chill with having things put up on walls so more shelving can easily be added.

The house is made up of two other gals (Lexie and Sarah) and it’s in a prime location if we say so ourselves. 1 minute from Harringay station, 3 minutes to the overground Harringay Green Lanes, 7 minutes to Manor House tube, 20 mins walk to Finsbury Park station, and has busses from the end of the road direct to central, south and east London. We also have a big retail park at the end of the road with various shops and a huge Sainsbury’s which is a massive help with the weekly shop, and a Lidl is just the other side of the park, so super close too.

The house has 3 beds, one bathroom, one downstairs loo, and then a big open plan kitchen/dining/lounge AND the absolute rare London gem - a huge garden. It’s been such a joy with lockdown etc, although if you want even more space we’re a 2 min walk from Finsbury Park so we have all of the space on our doorstep.

Lexie works in Production as a Branding/Communications manager. I moved to London from Bristol at the start of the year and I’m a part of a church plant in Shoreditch. I love anything design/gardening/literature/travel, and as a housemate I’m very chill, but love to get on with the people I live with just because having a laugh is always a joy.

Sarah is a social worker currently working in the charity sector. I’m part of a church in central London. I have a big heart for justice and community. I love any wide open green space and spend a lot of time laughing at my own jokes.

We are both chill as housemates, we laugh a lot and love having a place to call home in London. We’d LOVE another gal to come and join us. Get in touch with any questions/send this to anyone you know might be interested!!

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December 31, 2020
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  • We are both members of churches in central and east London. The church east is a plant which literally started a week ago, so it’s very much in the early stages of figuring out the rhythm of the community and praying for the future. It’s connected to Hackney church. The church in central is a longer standing one, and is home to a super diverse, charismatic, thriving community. Both of us love to get stuck in, so (once lockdown allows) we’d love to use the home as a place to host things for church if possible, we love to have people over (separately and together) so we’d really love to have someone join us who is also passionate about finding an active church in the city wherever that may be. It’s also quite nice with us all at different churches as it’s a great excuse to get to know new groups of people in a place that is notoriously transitory and hard to put down roots.
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Umfreville Road, London N4 1SB

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