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This is the largest room in a five bedroom vicarage. Much bigger than a normal double. I've been sharing my house with folks mainly in their 20s and early 30s for many years now. I normally have two folks in there. The housemate who moved out (Jonathan) was in a smaller room, but a change in circumstances means a much bigger room is now available.

I am divorced since my wife left me for someone else four years ago and my two kids visit about 40% of the time, but a change in 17 year old Jess's circumstances means she no longer needs the largest room.

Most of my housemates stay with me for a good length of time - Jonathan was here a good 18 months before moving because of a change in his work. Phil who is still here has also been here about 18 months. RIchard and Lindsay (a married couple who were here before) left to have a baby. Simon left to get married to his Swedish girlfriend.

There are three big communal rooms in the house - Living room, kitchen diner and dining room as well as your room itself

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January 9, 2021
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    st barnabas northolt
  • I am passionate about Jesus after coming to faith at boarding school as a teenager. This led me down a path that has eventually led me to serve him as a Vicar in the CofE. I am a bit of mix in style of worship - a blend of raving charismatic and symbol loving anglo-Catholic. My other housemate Phil is a policeman. He's a Roman Catholic with a strong personal faith in Jesus.
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37a Girton Rd, Northolt UB5 4SX

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